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The Cherimoya is a subtropical fruit native to South America. They grow on large deciduous trees and because of their unique flower shape, and our different insect populations here in California, they are hand pollinated to produce fruit. This extremely laborious task helps us ensure well developed fruit that has the best ratio of flesh to seeds. Picked when firm, allow the cherimoya to sit at room temperature for 4-7 days or until it is slightly soft- not squishy. Best served slightly chilled from a refrigerator, cut the fruit open and scoop out the white flesh. DO NOT EAT THE SEEDS. The white flesh is the consistency of custard, and is very sweet. The flavor is that of a mango, pineapple, banana, and vanilla pudding all mixed together. Very tropical and floral. It is best enjoyed by itself, or with a squeeze of citrus to balance out the sweetness. Cherimoya also makes incredible sorbet and ice cream, once you remove the seeds. It also pairs very well with passionfruit.


The regional small box has two cherimoyas, the medium has 3, the regional large has 4, and the large flat rate box has 5 pieces. Mandarins or another similar citrus are included if there is available space that isn't needed for padding.  Cherimoyas are a very delicate fruit, which is why a large portion of the boxes are devoted to padding.


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