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We grow limited amounts of lemons, with both the Eureka and Meyer varieties. Eureka lemons are a more old school, lemony lemon with high acidity, and lots of juice. The peel is excellent for zesting and they have a very long shelf life. Meyer lemons are much less acidic, and are more of an orange flavored lemon. Their peel is much thinner and softer giving a mature Meyer lemon a very short shelf life. None of our citrus is ever sprayed or treated with a wax coat, meaning you are getting a fresh and totally edible fruit that hasn’t been sitting in a cooler for weeks.

Boxes are typically 4-lbs for the regional small, 7-lbs for the medium, 9-lbs for the regional large, and 11-lbs for the large option.

1 review for Eureka Lemons

  1. Siobhan SE (WA) (verified owner)

    I have ordered three separate boxes of these lemons since learning about Rincon Tropics. I have used them for baking, curds, infused vinegars, extracts, including a lovely batch of limoncello. The fact that they are farm-direct, never washed [with soap], and unwaxed makes them so versatile. Their aroma and flavor is a great substitute for Meyer lemons.

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