Heirloom Macarthur Avocados

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The Macarthur avocado is an heirloom (very old) variety that used to be grown more commercially but was largely abandoned for other varieties that required less time on the tree. We do not pick our Macarthurs until they have been on the tree for at least 18 months! This gives this rare fruit an incredible silky and creamy taste and texture, similar to a creamy olive oil. It is not uncommon for the seed of this fruit at this age to start to sprout inside the unopened fruit. This is perfectly normal and is a sign of its maturity. The skin of the Macarthur will not change color as it ripens, and stays green. It is ripe when it is slightly soft and can be eaten over several days if it is stored in the refrigerator. Best uses: everything!

Boxes are typically 5-lbs for the medium, 8-lbs for the regional large, and 11-lbs for the large option. Passionfruit is included if there is available space that can't fit another avocado.


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