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**New Passionfruit subscriptions will not be available until the new harvest season starts in late August. If you already have an active subscription, it will be placed on hold until then. (7-10-24)**

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Subscribe to a delicious box of Passionfruit.

Passionfruit is a subtropical powerhouse fruit that is one of our specialties. Grown on a vine and harvested daily during the season that ranges from mid summer to spring most years, the passionfruit naturally falls off of the vine when it is mature and at its peak flavor potential. From that point, the fruit is technically ripe and ready to eat. The smoother the purplish-red outer shell is, the more tart and acidic the pulp inside will be. The longer you let it sit on the counter, the more wrinkled it will get, allowing more time for the juice to become sweeter, but there will be a little less juice the longer you wait. The seeds and pulp are all edible and very nutritious. Best uses: Passionfruit is best enjoyed as is, with yogurt or ice cream, mixed into dressings and marinades, or mixed into frostings, cakes and pastries. Makes an excellent addition to cocktails and syrups.

Boxes are typically 5lbs for the medium, and 7lbs for the large option. 4-5 pieces in a pound.


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