Pineapple Guavas/Feijoas

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Pineapple Guavas, otherwise known as Feijoas are a South American native shrub that can be found growing in temperate areas of the world. We grow two varieties that are well suited to our coastal California growing area, Coolidge, and Edenvale Late. Pollinated by birds that come to eat the sweet and fleshy flower petals in the summer, the fruit harvest begins in the fall and goes for several months. Fruit sizes and shapes vary, but they are usually oval in shape, with some fruits being rounder than others that are more elongated.The center of the fruit will always be the sweetest and the flesh closest to the skin will be more tangy and more pear like in texture. The fruit has a semi firm flesh with pockets of jelly inside, which is a common usage of the fruit when it's not eaten fresh. Very high in Vitamin C, it provides almost half of the daily recommendation, and is also high in fiber. The entire fruit is edible, but the peel is the tartest and toughest part, so typically the fruit is cut in half and scooped out, similar to kiwis.

Boxes are typically about 3-4lbs for the small, 5-6lbs for the medium, 6-7lbs for the regional large, and 7-8lbs for the large option.

Boxes will be shipped Monday-Wednesday for this fruit, and as a reminder, our shipping policy is still the same and can be reviewed here.

1 review for Pineapple Guavas/Feijoas

  1. Ann DT (CA) (verified owner)

    Wow! These guavas are delicious! We just got our box and can’t get over the size and ripeness of the fruit. They have a unique and intoxicating fragrance and flavor–unlike anything I’ve ever eaten–in the best way possible. My husband ate his first-ever and loved them. These are a very special fruit. Thanks for growing them Nick!

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