Blood Oranges

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The blood orange is a small to midsize fruit that sometimes has a blush of red on the exterior peel, but once you cut into it, you will find out how they got this name. Deeply red flesh, with variations of orange and sunset tones, this fruit is as beautiful as it is delicious to eat. Blood oranges have a very unique flavor profile being more tart than sweet. Their flavor is extremely citrus-y and the acid and sugars compliment each other very well. They are very potent and flavorful and are great on their own, used in salads, baking, juicing, and any other citrus uses. This harvest is very limited.

The medium box is about 6 pounds of fruit and the large flat rate box is about 9.5 pounds.

4 reviews for Blood Oranges

  1. Leah D (MA) (verified owner)

    This is some of the most flavorful, aromatic, and beautiful citrus I have ever seen and eaten. You can smell the oranges through the box! The flavor, as promised, is very tart and acidic, almost like a grapefruit, but with a beautiful floral taste at the end. The juice and flesh is a gorgeous Ruby red that makes stunning drinks and syrups. I ordered a second box the second I could and I’m already scheming about what to do- I can only imagine how lovely they’ll be candied

  2. Susan F (NY) (verified owner)

    I have never tasted blood oranges as fresh as these. They are so full of flavor and delicious to eat, as well as for baking. Just made a delicious blood orange pound cake that was finished by my family at one meal.

  3. Debra L (MA) (verified owner)

    Gorgeous ombre color and best tasting blood oranges ever. It feels so good to eat citrus this fresh. Really a delight!!! I want to get more adventurous like some other reviewers and put them in cakes.

  4. Laura R (MA) (verified owner)

    I’d never had blood oranges before, but just ordered my second box. As someone who generally prefers grapefruit over oranges, these blood oranges are the perfect refreshing treat. When you take a bite the tartness hits first, but then is followed by a surprising sweetness. Just love them, and so happy to have found Rincon Tropics!

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