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The Hass avocado season ranges from January until Summer commercially, but we do not start to pick our fruit until it has been on the trees for at least a year, when most growers start picking after the minimum nine months. The longer the fruit remains on the tree, the higher the oil content and creaminess of the fruit. We won’t pick and sell a fruit unless it meets our high standards of quality and flavor. Hass avocados will darken on the outside as they start to ripen and soften. Once slightly soft, but not squishy, they are ready to eat, or refrigerate. Best uses: Hass avocados are extremely versatile and good plain, in salads, on bread and toast, or as a side to almost any dish you are making.

Boxes are typically 3-lbs for the regional small, 8-lbs for the medium, 10-lbs for the regional large, and 12-lbs for the large option. If you are in one of the Western states, the regional box options will be your best value as the shipping will be cheaper due to the shorter shipping distance.

3 reviews for Haas Avocados

  1. Grace H (AZ) (verified owner)

    Superb avocados!! They are really the best we have had! My husband normally doesn’t like avocados from supermarket, but he asked me to buy another box !!

  2. Darra H (CA) (verified owner)

    Really wonderful avocados. Small family farm, locally grown with with love – you can absolutely taste the difference. Mail order direct from Rincon Tropics makes my family so happy!

  3. Martine A (NY) (verified owner)

    I recently bought a box of Haas avocados. It arrived in perfect shape, and beautifully packaged. All were on the hard side so I had to wait a few days for them to start softening. As they softened slightly, I put them in the fridge to slow the maturation process, and I had one or two avocados per day. They were very delicious, creamy and tasty. Each and every one of them was good, none were blemished. The merchant is very responsive and answered all of my questions promptly. I highly recommend Rincon Tropics!!!!

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