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How do I know when a Hass Avocado is ready to use?

A ripe Avocado will have dark green to nearly black skin with a bumpy texture.

When squeezed, the Avocado should yield to gentle pressure without leaving an indentation or feeling mushy.

What if I'm not ready to eat my avocados yet?

When the avocado on your counter is a day away from being soft and ready to eat, you can place it in your refrigerator to hold it for 1-2 weeks, or until you are ready to eat it. Don’t wait till it’s soft to put it in the refrigerator, unless it’s just for a day or two.

What do I do with a partial avocado that's left?

If you only want to eat part of your avocado, always leave the pit/seed in the part that you are saving for later. This helps it oxidize less while it’s in your refrigerator.

When serving avocados, how can I stop them from turning black?

When serving avocados, fresh lemon or lime juice is a great flavor addition, but it also helps your guacamole from oxidizing as quickly.

Can I grow my own Avocado plant? Yup!

The avocado seeds can be sprouted in a small pot, or suspended in a cup with water for a fun experiment. The plant that grows will not be the same type as what you ate, you would have to graft a branch of the avocado variety you wanted onto the new plant.

How do I know when my Macarthur Avocados are ready?

Macarthur Avocados stay green on the outside as they ripen, so it’s just by the softness. The seed may have sprouted inside the fruit, which is normal considering the fruit has been maturing on the tree for almost 20 months!

Can I eat the skin of your lemons or is there a chemical treatment on it?

All of our produce is grown without pesticides or applications of any kind on it. This means you can, and should, use the lemon peel for cooking and baking. Passionfruit shells can also be used for natural dyes and food coloring, or for making soothing teas.

I'm running out of patience! When can I eat my passion fruit?

Passion fruit can be eaten as soon as you receive them, even if they aren’t wrinkly on the outside yet. The smoother the shell is, the juicier and more tart the pulp will be. The longer you leave it on the counter to wrinkle, the sweeter, but less juicy it will get. It’s just personal preference.

How do I store passion fruit?

Unripe passion fruit should be left out at room temperature to ripen. Ripe passion fruit can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.

Are the seeds of the Cherimoya edible?

The seeds of the Cherimoya are hard, inedible and are considered toxic.

When is Pineapple Guava in season?

The Pineapple Guava season in California runs from September to January. 

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